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This is the first time in years Ive seen someones virgin NG flash and it actually have effort put into it, looks good, is funny and took time to make. GREAT JOB man. Your first flash is actually better than average, which is a RARE fucking occurrence on NG. Congrats man you did great.

dangerteeth responds:

thank you. I did put effort into this and I'm glad you enjoy it. My future animations will definitely improve from this one so stay tuned.


I've added this flick to my list of favorite movies. That's how much I like how fluid and beautiful the animation itself is. The sound effects were the right choices and they synched up PERFECTLY. WOW... just WOW. It was simple but it was extremely entertaining in it's simplicity. No exaggeration, this is probably the best quick and simple flash movie I've viewed in the last 3 years.
I'm glad I was able to vote 5 when it mattered and helped to protect it and keep it in the portals archives.
There isn't really much I can say about obstacle, other than I REALLY liked it, giving it a 10/10 as well as a 5/5, I've added it to my favs and congrats on a great short film... if you haven't taken the time to stop and pat yourself on the back for making such a great film, please do so now.

If you intend to make more movies in the same vein as "Obstacle", do me a favor and please PM me when more are made. I look foward to seeing more from you in the near future!


GettaHelmet responds:

thank you so much for all your kind words. i will definitely keep you posted.


Heres a tip, dawgie... TEST YER MOVIE BEFORE YOU CLICK THE "SUBMIT" BUTTON. All yer movie did was load eternally. Unless you were aiming to make an infinite loader bar, you fucked up.

I do promise to watch and review it fairly if u fix it, tho.

runedog83 responds:

hey already fixed the issue in the next version of this same tut but the audio still over laps on the steps...

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it was OK

Just Ok, though. It felt a bit rushed and forced. I dont feel like Im scraping the bottom of the barrel playing this one, however I dont think it is a serious contender to the better catapult games. Its somewhere in the mid-levels... Not the worst or the best. I could play it longer than most, but not for hours on end like some of the catapult ones. All in all pretty fair.


It was alright, but my biggest complaint is one you prolly hear CONSTANTLY... N UPGRADES!!!

If this game had upgrades I could see myself playin it for hours on end like I do the similar catapult titles. W/O the upgrades it feels forced, rushed and thrown together.



level 1 - 91%, +4 degrees
level 2 - 67%, 0 degrees a sec after the truck appears from the left.
level 3 - 66%, 0 degrees just after the silver car passes frm the right.
level 4 - 66%, +1 degree
level 5 - 78%, +1 degree when it's in the far back.
level 6 - 60%, -1 degree watch out for vans!
level 7 - 73%, -5 degrees
level 8 - 53%, +5degrees just as the doors open.

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I'm sorry man...

I'm an ENORMOUS fan of your movie "Obstacle", but I really didn't like this. It lacks in originality, creativity, uniqueness, everything that matters in an audio submission. Quite frankly it sounds like any kind of generic detective music you can get for free in the public domain. I feel bad talking shit, but I'm being honest. I ADORE your movie, but where you've blown my mind with "obstacle", I'm left disappointed with "detective jazz loop". Maybe I'm missing the point and it's supposed to be a cookie cutter detective song, if so my mistake. Im sorry for the bad review, but I'm being honest. If you do make more audio in the future, I hope to hear a lot better than this from the animator of "Obstacle".


sorohanro responds:

Thank you for review.
I'm not aware at the moment that I'm the author of a movie named "Obstacle". This track was made by request because some animator couldn't find anything in the public domain that could fit to a noir/ detective movie.

I'm intrigued that you don't appreciate at least live played instruments (trumpet) in a track.

"Maybe I'm missing the point and it's supposed to be a cookie cutter detective song, if so my mistake." err... if would be named "Epic Choir and Symphonic Battle Theme" I would understand your confusion, but currently the title is "Detective Jazz Loop 1" which say about it that is supposed to be a detective song, jazzy says that should be a jazz track and loop says that is not really a 3 hours symphony.

THIS is one of the reasons

I'm so glad we have an audio portal. I can barely muster the appropriate words to review this. I dont know if it's because it reminds me of classic games such as donkey kong, or because you (very rightly) gave a lot of time for the beat to grow before you added more elements, but WOW. One of the best of 2010, I'm calling it now. You say in the description "It's not great but I gotta start somewhere?" I'm not sure if you're selling yourself short or fishing for compliments with that statement. This is an amazing piece of music, I am utterly impressed with it. You weren't scared to take a minimalist approach to things, and wow it paid off. Isn't too cluttered nor is it too simple. It is PERFECT. A bit too loud at the finale is the single complaint/criticism I can give. If I were to meet you in the street, I'd slap you a high five for this track. It's impressive, it's dance worthy, and it's just plain GOOD. GREAT FUCKING WORK!

Bacon92 responds:

Wow, thanks alot mate, I guess check out my other work if you really enjoy it.

Another Stellar Piece from the Diceman!

Beautiful in it's simplicity, yet complex enough to make it interesting. The bass matches the tempo perfectly, this is why I love your music submissions so much. It is obvious that you put much time as well as effort into your pieces. My knee was bouncing along to the beat through the songs entirety. Once again I am impressed with your dedication and talent, and have given a 10 rating to a song that deserves an 11. I can't wait to hear your next song and thank you for uploading the songs that I listen to to vibe out and get some work done online. GREAT JOB!

DJ-Diceman responds:

awesome, thanks for the review. they always make me feel better about my superbly poorly rated songs lol
i know i hadnt made a song for about 4 months, but ive been feelin and itch to make music lately, so there may be more coming your way

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i really like this

great colors, nice detail, its relaxing and serene.

XwaynecoltX responds:

Thanks for the review its much appreciated


If you were born after like, 1990, you probably wont like me. I like it when a girl wipes her cunny juice on my upper lip, sorta like a vaginal dirty sanchez, hence the name PantyWipe. The profile picture is of me and my son, Midian.

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